A Letter from the Director

Dear Friends and Patrons of Voices of North Georgia,

            For the past 51 years, Voices of North Georgia has provided quality choral performances for the people of Gainesville and north Georgia. It thrills us when the audience reacts with joy and acclamation at our performances.  We hope to continue providing these experiences for many years to come.

            During these uncertain times, we would like to let you know what is planned for our upcoming 2020-2021 season.  The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, “Music is the food of the soul.” Many people turn to music to give them comfort, hope, and a sense of belonging and connection to others. Voices of North Georgia would like to maintain this connection in a different format during this most unusual time.

            The first half of the season will be completely virtual for the safety of our audience and our members.  Our fall and Christmas performances will be shared with you through social media, and a permanent copy of the performances will be loaded onto our Voice of North Georgia YouTube page. In the last few months there have been many incredible virtual performances by a variety of performing artists, and VNG will be adding their efforts to the lineup. The remainder of our 2020-2021 season could be “normal” or a continuation of virtual endeavors. The outcome will depend on the health status of our area and guidelines from local and state officials.

            For those of our patrons who have not suffered financially, please continue your support at this time. Until we are able to have our traditional program again, we intend to recognize your generosity as often as we can, including during virtual performances. Your help matters now more than ever before. It is through your gifts that we will be able to continue serving our community. 

            If your financial situation has been negatively affected due to the virus, we understand that you might not be able to lend support this season. Please know we have you in our thoughts and are sensitive to and understanding of your circumstances. We ask you please to stay connected with us and to watch our performances this fall, and we look forward to a time when you can help us again in the future.   

            We have included a donation form with this letter. You may also contribute by going to our website, http://www.voicesofnorthgeorgia.com, and selecting the donate tab at the top of the screen.  

            As always, we appreciate your support of Voices of North Georgia as we strive to bring comfort and hope to our community through the beauty of choral music.


M. Katie Coleman
2020-2021 Season President

Bruce Nunley
Artistic Director/Conductor